Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real Black Pepper

Black pepper is considered as " The King Of Spices". Black Pepper is famous throughout the world, Why? Can be said by the number of trades done in this commodity, Pepper has a medicinal values also and mostly used as antacid. However millions of us daily get cheated by shopkeepers selling us Fake black pepper.

How Do Shopkeepers cheat?
Shopkeepers or the merchants mix papaya seeds in black pepper in the ratio 1:3 (one part of papaya seeds with 3 parts of black pepper) by this they save a handsome amount of money, if you don't believe then watch the two following pictures closely

We do not talk at the industrial level but the question is that how can a common man distinguish between papaya seeds and black pepper and how can we get rid of fake sellers.

Water Test Of Black Pepper
Take two spoons full of black pepper with a bowl full of water, now put these black pepper seeds into water, black pepper seeds usually sinks down to the bottom but if you get some seeds floating on top surface of water then papaya seeds can be suspected to be mixed in black pepper, so pick up these floating seeds and then move to the odour test.

Odour Test Of Black Pepper:-

Black Pepper has volatile oil in the pericarp thus a common man can distinguish by smelling or by taking one seed of black pepper and crushing it with your fingers and smell your fingers you will surely get a pungent smell but in case of papaya seed no such smell is seen.

Taste Test Of Black Pepper:-

Take one suspected seed and bit it with your front teeth, if you feel spicy then it is black pepper if you get some ugly taste then surely it's papaya seed.

Water Test Of Papaya Seeds:-
If you found some suspected seeds you think that they are papaya seeds then dip these seeds into water, Wait for 15 minutes then take them into your palm and touch it with your finger if you feel something slimy then they are surely papaya seed.

generally at home one cannot tell exactly by looking that whether papaya seeds are mixed into black pepper or not but by following all these test step by step you can tell easily that papaya seeds are mixed or not in black pepper you purchased.


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